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logo of Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages (LDC-IL)
भारतीय भाषाओं के लिए भाषाई डेटा कंसोर्टियम (एलडीसी-आईएल)
Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages (LDC-IL)

शिक्षा मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार
Ministry of Education, Government of India

Language technologies | LDC-IL

Language technologies


Linguistic Data Consortium for Indian Languages is making developments in language aided technologies and software solutions. LDC-IL is dedicated to create and distribute language applications. Our work comprises research areas related to language technologies and specific language-oriented applications.

Over the years, India has seen significant progress in language technology research reaching at a level suitable for real-world applications. However, there is barrier remains in adapting these technologies in many Indians because it is not available in their native language. Lack of appropriate databases these technologies cannot be replicated. Therefore, LDC-IL is dedicated to generating data for constructing language-enabled systems and to advancing tools that facilitate language technology across Indian languages.

LDC-IL is prioritizing the diverse linguistic needs of India along with the language technology advancements. Through the systematic collection and curation of language data LDC-IL strive to empower language technology researchers and developers to create technological solutions without affecting the linguistic diversity and richness of Indian languages.

LDC-IL developed some software solution that can be used for language analysis and processes. We offers applications and tools suitable for both online and offline usage to the public. Some of the applications are Translation system, Transliterator, Grapheme to Phoneme converters, Transcription system, Corpus search system, Text readers, Keyboard, Edit distance calculator, Word frequency counter and various corpus analysing and management tools.